Land use planning and development

The object of all planning legislation in Canada is to regulate the use and development of land in an orderly and controlled way. Wide ranges of planning functions exist in the provinces involving the private sector, and both local and regional municipalities. To encourage maximum efficiency and output, plans of subdivision, and site and development plans are made with regard to the provision of municipal services, such as water, transportation and emergency services. Municipal planning is constructed around official plans and through the implementation of zoning by-laws, which are commonly based on community and district plans. Through various forms of studies, planners examine changes in the population, the economic base and social characteristics of the community that may lead to the need to formulate new plans for revitalization, preservation or use change in urban areas.

More in this section:

  • How land development is regulated
  • Authority
  • Official plan
  • Zoning
  • Subdivision/sale of land
  • Redevelopment
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